Litigation Management

Providing patent owners the resources to protect their intellectual property by managing turnkey solutions for all aspects of the litigation process.

Finding out your patent has been infringed upon can be demoralizing at best, catastrophic at worst. With the average cost of a patent protection lawsuit ranging from $3mm – $8mm, many intellectual property owners are left defenseless against wanton infringement by industry leaders acting with carte blanche.


Randolph Square helps level the playing field by connecting patent owners with the financial resources to fund infringement actions against major participants in the market. Randolph Square’s network of capital partners provides the financing necessary to hold industry leaders accountable and ensure that patent owners’ property is protected, as well as delivering the pecuniary recourse they deserve. After initial funding, we manage the entire case oversight process.  Thoughtful adherence is given to case strategy, while reviewing expectations with litigation counsel, funders and patent owners so that all constituents remain current on publicly available information.

Case Study

RSIP Management worked with an inventor and his counsel to source capital and structure a litigation strategy for a significant patent infringement matter. The patents had early priority dates, meaningful claims and infringement, and material related damages. Randolph Square planned and managed the multiple step process, including working on the patent owner’s claims, reviewing select patent litigation firms, running the due diligence process, and finalizing the Fund documents.   RSIP Management secured funding for the legal action and continues to manage the ongoing litigation. To date, the patent owner has been compensated millions of dollars.

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