Frequently Asked Questions

Analytics FAQ

Who are Randolph Square’s clients?

Our clientele consists of:

  • Law Firms
  • Corporations
  • Lenders
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Investment Banks
  • Equity Research Platforms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Universities

What type of analytic products do you offer?

Portfolio and Competitive Market Analysis

Our portfolio analysis provides business development insights, helping to identify risks and monetization opportunities. The analytics compares and contrasts the subject portfolio to competing technologies and the companies that own them. It leverages Randolph Square’s proprietary innovation cohort construction and scoring methodology.

360° Patent Landscape

The 360 analysis focuses on one patent, detailing competitive intelligence, the business development landscape along with risks and monetization opportunities – licensing, infringement, M&A, lenders risk and more. Additionally, the 360° analysis identifies and rank orders the asset’s most relevant prior and subsequent art and the corresponding companies.

Patentability and Freedom to Operate

Prioritizes related technologies based on the subject’s abstract and provides a focused list of technologies and companies to research

What differentiates Randolph Square IP from other patent analytic platforms?

Randolph Square IP utilizes a product of expert’s approach bycombining best in class patent data and analytics from the world’s leading vendors. We then leverage the patent data and analytics to solve for high value business development opportunities andpowerful business intelligence insights,accessible through our online interactive portal. Our products are priced from $750 – 2,000, providing one of the most affordable platformsin the market.

Litigation Finance FAQ

How do you determine which patent cases to fund?

There are specific requirements that must be met for RSIP Management to consider funding a patent litigation matter. Some of them include early priority date, multiple claims for each patent, clear infringement, defendant in a significant technological space, and calculable, material damages.

What are some of the benefits of using litigation finance?

– Ability to spread litigation risk and control cost
– Capacity to pursue claims without using capital
– Avoidance of adverse impact on earnings
– Multifaceted review of your claim

Do I need to have litigation counsel when initially discussing my case?

No, we are happy toreview your patent(s) and determine if they should be considered for funding. We have relationships with most of the top patent litigation firms in the US, andcan refer you to several from which you can choose.

How long does it take to get funding for a case that passes due diligence?

Generally, it takes 1 ½ – 3 months to review a case or campaign. Once approved, initial funding occurs within 10 days of closing.

What is your review process? Who performs diligence on litigation that RSIP considers funding?

We have a three-tier review process that involves the law firm bringing the case or campaign, the patent owner(s), Randolph Square’s advanced patent analytics platform, and independent patent consultants and litigators. We would welcome the opportunity to walk you through the process upon request.

Do you fund single patent cases?

We generally do not, though in rare instances we have. Approximately 10% of our current case portfolio consist of single patent cases.

Do you fund campaigns against multiple defendants?

Yes, we have several campaigns currently in process.

At what stage of litigation does RSIP Management provide financing?

RSIP Management will review a potential litigation matter at any point along the litigation timeline, from pre-complaint to appeal.

What are the limits of your funding for a case or campaign?

Most of our cases are funded in the $3-$8 million range, with certain campaigns requiring significantly more capital. We will consider matters that require less capital than $3 million as well, depending on the situation.

What involvement does RSIP Management have after the funding?

Among the services our investors receive from participating in funding patent infringement cases through RSIP Management are regular reporting (at least quarterly), transparency into the specific patent litigation cases, continual monitoring of each litigation, and enforcement of each litigation budget to ensure no overruns.

If we use RSIP Management for financing, who controls litigation strategy?

RSIP Management does not have any rights to control the litigation or settlement of the litigation, which always remains in the patent owner’s control.

What is the first step to obtain financing from RSIP Management?

For counsel or companies that wish to benefit from litigation financing, please contact Robert Smith, COO, or Eric Massell, SVP Operations by e-mail at We welcome the opportunity to walk you through the process.