Our analytics tailor robust methods for harnessing and exploring global patent data to help patent holders, attorneys, investors, and analysts make informed decisions. Our platform brings a digestible, interactive vantage to each relevant innovation space. This ensures delivery of rapid data driven insights providing material competitive advantages.

Using advanced analytics to understand risks and opportunities related to patented technology.

Patent searches are a valuable way of researching existing intellectual property, but are often expensive, incomplete, and leave a wealth of questions unanswered.  Our analytics practice cuts across a robust collection of data sources and delivers digestible insights to answer your questions thoroughly and fast.

Key Questions :

Where are people innovating in my industry?  In which other industries might my patent(s) be viable? Who might be using my patent(s) unfairly or illegally?  What businesses might be interested in licensing or purchasing my patent(s)?

Randolph Square’s advanced analytics deliver tailored reports on a specific patent, group of patents, or the landscape in which the patent is used.  We can also assist in determining whether an idea is patentable.  Our analytics help identify strengths and weaknesses of a given patent, applications in other industries, potential infringement, and more.

Patent Viability

Is your idea patentable?  Our reports can deliver critical information about patents surrounding a given idea, allowing you to better understand the landscape in which your idea exists.

Relevant Adjacencies

Our reports analyze how your idea can be used outside of your industry, how you can expand the scope of your patent to include other technologies, and how to find relevant competitors who may be interested in acquiring or licensing your technology.

Infringement Analysis

Our reports analyze how your patents may be subject to infringement.


Our analytics search 99% of relevant international patent filing jurisdictions – over 120 million patents – to develop comprehensive reports concerning patents and patent applications.


Our specialized team reviews the findings of our search and develops a tailored assessment of your patent(s) with specific recommendations for action.


We foster innovation by helping patent owners understand the ways in which their patents can be further protected, strengthened and monetized.

Recent Client Engagements

Patent Holder 
A finance technology company was in the process of raising capital based upon a specific set of patents.  We provided confirmation that their IP was unique and that their prosecution process was strong, resulting in a high valuation.  The patent owner is now using this valuation in his capital raising process, while also being able to prove that there is limited innovation (i.e., competition) in his product area.
Executive Suite
An industrial manufacturing company was seeking to identify a specific technology that would provide a long term competitive advantage to their business.  Using our semantic search engines, we were able to identify an exact match of the technology being developed by an international company in a different industry.  Even though our client had access to one of the leading IP analytic providers, they were unable to identify the relevant patents without our help.
A major research university engaged Randolph Square IP to analyze their granted but unlicensed patents and published but unlicensed applications for potential monetization partners.  Our initial analysis identified 32 prospective monetization partners, 26 of which the university was unaware.  In addition to the monetization analysis, the university suggested that a number of their licensees were being infringed upon.  RSIP Management is currently working with the university to analyze the potential infringement and provide the necessary funding to defend the university’s proprietary rights.
Law Firm
An American Lawyer top 100 law firm engaged two prior art search firms to identify invalidating patents against a group of patents being asserted against its client.  After two months, thousands of dollars, and few results, the law firm pivoted and engaged Randolph Square IP. Upon its engagement on a Friday, Randolph Square utilized its semantic search engines to search 120mm patents to find invalidating art.  By Monday, and with significantly less expense, Randolph Square had identified a number of invalidating pieces of art that were successful in helping the law firm defend their client’s patents.  “Randolph Square was able to find the silver bullet where traditional methods could not,” said the Head of IP Litigation.

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