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Our management practice is comprised of a balanced investment process including identifying, evaluating, financing, and managing cases. We partner with law firms through relationships centered on trust and proven results. Our three-tier case review process is systematic, leveraging both the quantitative power of our analytics platform and the collective wisdom of our team and network. After initial funding, we manage the entire case oversight process to ensure our constituents remain current.

Our investment management philosophy is built on four pillars that extend from core values of trust, respect, and excellence.

  1. We partner with proven and experienced attorneys.  A commitment of capital confers our respect and trust in counsel’s case strategy and execution.
  2. We invest solely in our niche: patent litigation.  Our experience and network bring substantial subject matter expertise to investing in meritorious cases asserting foundational patents.
  3. We guide our decisions with analytics.  We tailor our analytics engine to support the case review process. The data driven edge differentiates our approach.
  4. We deliver transparency and alignment.  Our management process provides investors timely, transparent, and fulsome reporting while our structuring emphasizes alignment.

Reducing cost and risk for patent owners by providing capital, experience, transparency and alignment.

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